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A crime drama about debt.

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original title: Owned

genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller


imdb: 4

duration: 1h 20min



keywords: undergroundfilm, latino, independentfilm

















































A crime drama about debt. You've seen one "gangster" film or "guy who just got out of prison and wants to make his life right but gets sucked back in"'ve seen them all. So, what's different about this one? Not much but it did have some humorous parts (on purpose) that helped the story move along. The script was mainly the downside of the film.

Basic story: man gets out of prison, wants to hook back up with his girlfriend from before prison, wants to stay out of the gang life but still owes a debt and has to pay it off. Second arch: drug dealer starts to move up in the world, clashes with other drug dealer and the other drug dealer puts out a hit on him. Guess who has to do the hit?

There's some likable characters but they're in the bracket of supporting roles, in my opinion. The main characters I didn't care anything about and why would one? They were all scum even the main character. Yeah, he said he wanted out but did he get out? Of course not. So, why like the guy?

Overall it wasn't that bad of a film. Music wasn't good, sometimes is in these low budget films. Sometimes that's all I ever like. Photography wasn't too bad, either. The writing is what did it in in the end.



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